Story Review: Unhappy Endings and Trainwreck by Michael James Calder

In writing Unhappy Endings, Mr. Calder has written a finely crafted work. He has a clear talent for dialogue and in this story we see this on display. Michael makes us feel the sounds of battle and consequently, the sounds of death. You are left wondering if the hill eventually does fall to the barbarians. I see this story as a preface to a larger work that focuses on that very battle.

Trainwreck is a different kind of story that centers on a young man who has known such great loss that he attempts to take his life in horrific fashion. Trainwreck is equally as well written with great dialogue. The last scene is his girlfriend trying to save his life. This could also be a preface to a larger scope of novel that focuses on his redemption and the journey he takes.

Michael James Calder is a unique and talented writer and I see great things for him. He is currently working on his first novel while attending university in the Uk. He is also working on another short story called Odyssey and the Dragon.

His website is here:

One thought on “Story Review: Unhappy Endings and Trainwreck by Michael James Calder”

  1. Hi Mike,
    Thanks for the great review and glad you enjoyed both stories so much. Unhappy Endings is, as you said, a much broader story which spans the view of several characters (plus their deaths!). It’s nice to see even though you only received an extract you could pick up on that, I must be doing something right.
    Trainwreck is far more final, unfortunately. All about tugging at your heartstrings, that one. Your comments on dialogue are something I’m especially grateful for, as its something I’m usually not too confident with.
    (P.S. Though I can’t go public with it, Odyssey and the Dragon is drafted, if you’d like a sneak preview!)

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