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i’ve joined the Story Cartel and setup the initial website. I added jetpack Free as a plug-in. The first assignment for the Story Cartel was to select a web platform so that is done. I’ve used WordPress for years but never really as my main internet facing web presence. The second objective was picking a domain name. I had this one ( for a few years and it was currently just parked so I updated it with an A record to my hosting provider ( so I am good there too.

the last objective was to checkout a few authors websites and the quality of the authors backed by big companies kind of makes my offering feel pretty paltry.

Work on my book (untitled) continues with the main storyline and it’s time frame confusions still a work in process.

At this point in time, I use Scrivener on all my devices with pc and Mac being default platforms. Sometimes I use my iPhone or iPad for onsite research. Does anyone else use an awesome tool to help with their writing?

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  1. Hello, Michael. I just joined Story Cartel, too. An awesom tool is Evernote. Not only can you take notes when you are on the road about things you want to remember to write about, but you can download free story templates from their website, like character profiles and story beats. I recommend it.

    Nice job setting up your site with a place to leave comments already. Susan

    1. Thanks Susan! Joe from here and Jeff Goins has been a great inspiration for me. I’ve used Evernote and another tool called Bear that basically does the same thing. Because I have scrivener on all my devices syncing to my Dropbox account, I can pretty much annotate and make observations/research on the go. I find I am still struggling with the three stage concept (idea, draft and edit) whereas I have a zillion ideas but taking it to the next level as a draft is problematic. I’ll get it. Thanks again for the super comment!

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