Book review: State of Chaos by JK Franks

I am a long time fan of JK Franks works and his style of writing. He and I are both Robert Heinlein fans from way back. With that being said and no spoilers intended, State of Chaos holds up extremely well to any works of the master Heinlein’s books. There are themes of futuristic AI’s and aspects of relativity combined with a fast paced plot driven thriller. One of my favorite Heinlein novels was The Door Into Summer. State of Chaos brings many aspects of Heinlein’s work and adds the chaos of today’s political environment into the mix. It has something for everyone from YA readers to Brad Thor thriller readers and in the end, lets you know that in no uncertain terms, this thing isn’t over by a long shot. I am looking forward to many sequels to State of Chaos. I highly recommend State of Chaos for its intensity but also for its humanity. I know Robert would wholeheartly agree.