iTunes wrong album art on iPhone issues

Things I’ve tried.

  1. Change read attribute to read write for all iTunes songs folder
  2. Turned internet off on pc and iPhone into airplane mode
  3. Left pc without internet and iPhone airplane mode off 
  4. Removed songs with incorrect album art and sync again.
  5. Load songs that were incorrect one at a time and check album art.
  6. I am using an iPhone 7 Plus with Windows 10 and the latest version of iTunes. Everything on iTunes is perfect album artwork wise.

None of these worked. Album art usually pulled a different album cover each time. Sometimes it was the same one like rem unplugged instead of allman brothers brothers & sisters album. Arggg

One item of note in my case, I hadn’t any issues until I plugged my wife’s iPhone 6 Plus and upgraded to the latest iOS version (12.4.1) and she had no songs on her device. I put a few albums on and album art all fine. Btw, we use the same user id and do NOT use Apple Music. In fact, I had a few songs I bought for my wife (Celtic woman) and even she got sick of seeing them on the playlist. Even if you select do not show Apple Music songs, it still shows them and tries to play them. So I deleted all Apple Music and now nothing shows from Apple Music. I have a zillion cd’s and prefer to rip to flac and then to 320 bit and it sounds way better than anything (and cheaper) that I could get from Apple Music.

Another item of note is an album that displays correctly on my wife’s iPhone doesn’t display with the correct art on my iPhone. It was one that I didn’t have and added after her iPhone sync and backup was done. (Backup backup backup)

iTunes preferences have get album art automatically turned off under store.

So glad it displays correctly on the wife’s phone as I would be in the major doghouse.

Last thing to try is to delete all music from my iPhone and see if that resolves the issue.

Update: So deleting all the music on my iPhone resolved the issue. If I had to guess, it was the switching of iPhones on one instance of iTunes that corrupted the sql light database on my iPhone that handles artwork.

Adding the songs one at a time worked fine with the correct album artwork being shown on iTunes on my pc and on my iPhone. After I was sure it was working ok, I started dragging whole albums and that worked fine too. I definitely want to explore this issue in detail as it seems everyone has it to some degree.