Using Visio for Story Outlining

One thing that I’ve found helpful is using Microsoft’s flowcharting tool Visio for my outlining process. Because in a former lifetime, I was a senior manager for information technology for a large computer manufacturer, I did a lot of Visio flowcharting. So I got to thinking, how would Visio work for me in my story process? I did some research and noted that no one really has used Visio for this.

Ok, that pretty much decided it for me. So far, it’s been great as a tool along with Scrivener.

New Story Cartel

i’ve joined the Story Cartel and setup the initial website. I added jetpack Free as a plug-in. The first assignment for the Story Cartel was to select a web platform so that is done. I’ve used WordPress for years but never really as my main internet facing web presence. The second objective was picking a domain name. I had this one ( for a few years and it was currently just parked so I updated it with an A record to my hosting provider ( so I am good there too.

the last objective was to checkout a few authors websites and the quality of the authors backed by big companies kind of makes my offering feel pretty paltry.

Work on my book (untitled) continues with the main storyline and it’s time frame confusions still a work in process.

At this point in time, I use Scrivener on all my devices with pc and Mac being default platforms. Sometimes I use my iPhone or iPad for onsite research. Does anyone else use an awesome tool to help with their writing?